My Story

Raymond Watanga is a young actor born in Nairobi, Kenya on April 20th, 1993.  As a child, he was always infatuated with the arts and very much involved in theatre at a young age, but at the same time also involved in sports. It was always going to be hard to become an entertainer in the place that he’ll always call home and he didn’t know at the time that he would eventually come to see himself as an actor,  but he was also never blind to the fact.

His family had the blessed opportunity to move to America when he was about twelve years old. Even in this new territory with even better opportunities, it always seemed as if he was still trying to play both sides of the court. He was eventually fully immersed into the world of sports, whether that was, basketball, football, or even running track. That was all he knew.

He always thought basketball was going to be the key to him getting his mom that house that she’s always wanted. Whether it be to make it in the NBA or to become a coach. The former was already a pipe dream at this point, but the latter was beginning to seem like the way to go.

2015 was the year that everything changed! It was the dawn of a new era in his life and he firmly believes that we all need a little nudge in life sometimes, a little luck and a lot of blessings. He owes that nudge to someone that he now considers to be a mentor and that is Matthew Singletary. He’s the proffessor who was teaching the Acting for non-majors class he decided to take at the time after so many years of shying away from it, he saw something in him that had been concealed for years. At this time, he was on his way to becoming a junior, he was also an Exercise Physiology and a struggling one at that, and the men’s student basketball assistant. He was at the point where he had already changed his major about three or four times and just wasn’t sure he had found what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. Even though he was about halfway to graduating. He finally had the courage to change and begin to take risks, start thinking outside the box, and it’s safe to say that it’s been an interesting yet thrilling transition from athlete to actor. He had to change his perspective on a lot of things, be a lot more open minded and willing to try new things. He then decided to transfer to the University of North Texas as a Theatre major, and in his three years there, he was able to gain knowledge about the business, the techniques, and make much-needed connections to navigate through. He was able to build his resume and a demo reel by getting roles in short films in and around the DFW area and including the Film Club at school. He tried as much as he could to take classes, workshops, get roles, and frankly anything he could do to improve his technique. Ray was fortunate enough to get signed by an agency in his senior year and subsequently, get cast to play the lead in a play called ‘Fabulation’.

Raymond had the opportunity to audition in a showcase where some agents from LA came to town seeking Dallas talent. Out of the sixty that auditioned, he was selected as one of the three talents to join The Savage Agency.

Shortly after graduating, he packed up his belongings and made the drive to LA by himself. A week later, he auditioned and became a member of The Road Theatre Company in North Hollywood with the help of his mentor.